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Legal Support Services

Legal Support Services
Accurate Building Inspectors®

Incident Investigation & Reconstruction

Accurate Building Inspectors® provides Support Services for the legal profession seeking incident investigation and reconstruction expertise in all phases of construction and construction standards. Please review our advisory services.


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In preparation for litigation, ABI offers research and development services that include digital photo documentation, municipal searches, environmental monitoring and consultations.

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Research Expertise:

  • Construction Code & Standards Research & Analysis.
  • Stair & Ramp Failures & Safety analysis, incident reconstruction, standard and code compliance.
  • Street & Road Incident & Safety analysis, reconstruction, standard and code compliance.
  • Scalding Hot Water Incidents: Temperature analysis, Investigate hot water production systems for proper safe functionality and configuration, standards and code compliance.
  • Building & Home Inspection Malpractice: Trade and standard compliance.
  • Window & Door Failures & Incidents: Reconstruction, Locks, Latches, Hinges, Door Checks (Door Closer), Kitchen & Wall Cabinet Failures.

Research & Development:

Comprehensive Services

Pertaining to construction of buildings, homes, condos, hotels, etc.

  * Fees On Request.
** No extra charge for photographic documentation and / or orthographic projection / production, when part of incident investigation.

PDF Dowload |    Legal Support Services* Technical Papers Charts & Diagrams Government Documents
- Additional Copies of Investigation Photos(First 30-$300.00, Each Additional-$6.50)
- Archive Search (ABI)
- Incident Investigation**
- Incident Reconstruction**
- Americans With Disability Act (ADA) USA, NYC, NYS
- Architectural Photography
- Architectural Traps**
- Architectural Merchandising Traps**
- Architectural Drafting & Orthographic Projections**

- Bureau of Highway Operations: Title 19 NYC Rules & Regulations Department of Transportation

- Carpentry & Cabinetmaking Design
- Carpentry & Cabinetmaker Failures**
- Construction & Safety: Title 3-5 NYC
- Construction Progress Photography

- Electronic Temperature Monitoring & Printout
- Electronic Measuring Facilities
- Enlargements From Negatives*
- Engineering Photography
- Equipment, Computer Aided Design Software
- E-mail Facilities
PDF File icon Expert Information**
View: Expert Testimony In A Court Trial, Deposition Or Hearing Expert Testimony In A Court Trial, Deposition Or Hearing
- Fax Facilities
- Fire Department: Title 15 NYC

- Health Code: Title 17
- Hot Water Incidents
PDF Download(688KB): Hot Water Burn & Scalding Graph Hot Water Safety Monitoring,
  view: Hot Water Burn Prevention & Consumer Safety (Online) Hot Water Burn & Scalding Graph
- Hot Water Systems Design **
- Housing: Title 28-33 NYC
- Housing, Electrical & Fire Codes: Title 27 NYC

- Ink & Laser Plotter

- Kitchen & Cabinet Design
- Kitchen Cabinet Failures**

- Labor Department
- Labor Law NYS
- Line Drawing Production
- Litigation Support**

- Maintenance Code: D26 NYC
- Map Production
- Material Testing - See Catalog Index
- Multiple Color Production
- Multiple Dwelling Law

- Network Search Facilities
- New York City Code of 1916
- New York City Code of 1938: C26...
- New York City Code of 1968: Title 27
- New York State Code

- Orthographic Projection Creation**
- OSHA (Occupational, Safety & Health Administration)

- Paint Failure
- Parks Department: Title 18 NYC
- Photo Measuring Configuration
- Photo Documentation**
- Photo Conversion to 3-Dimension
- Police Department: Title 14 NYC
- Pre-Trial Consultation
- Product Failures**

PDF Download(202KB): Stair & Ramp Safety Ramp Safety Inspections, view: Stair & Ramp Safety (Online) Stair & Ramp Safety - Technical Paper
- Ramp Designing
- Ramp Failures**
- Reference Standards: Title 27 NYC
- Research of All Codes
- Rules of All Departments, Parks, Transportation, Fire, Police, etc. NYC

- Sanitation Department: Title 16 NYC
- Searches - See Catalog Index
- Stair Safety Inspections
PDF Download(202KB): Stair Nomenclature Stair Designing, view: Stair Nomenclature Diagram (Online) Stair Nomenclature Diagram
- Stair Failure**
- Standard's & Practices
- Store & Retail Traps**
- Street Safety Inspections
- Street Walk Designing
- Street Walk Failures**

- Total Network Facilities
- Trial & Court Room Presentation 26″x36″ inches Mounted Multiple Colored, Black & White
- Trip & Fall Investigations**

- Unix & MS Data Search Facilities

- Window Safety Inspections
- Window & Door Design
- Window & Door Incidents**

  * Fees On Request.
** No extra charge for photographic documentation and / or orthographic projection / production, when part of incident investigation.

Technical Papers Technical Papers | Charts & Diagrams Charts & Diagrams | Government Documents Government Documents


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