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Leonard Lopate at Large - 99.5 WBAI-FM Radio

“The Gurus of How-To”
Al & Larry Ubell with Leonard Lopate

Now on 99.5 WBAI-FM Radio

Get advice from the home repair experts of Accurate Building Inspectors. Call-in with questions during the live broadcast or send your questions and comments via our Listener Comments Form »

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Where:  Station WBAI 99.5 FM or Listen to the streaming audio Live audio
When:  TBA.
What:  Listen to the “Gurus of How-To” & ask any home repair question.
How:  Call the show at (212) 209-2877

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Left to Right: Leonard Lopate, Larry Ubell and Alvin Ubell

Gurus of Home Repair

Alvin & Larry Ubell

Often imitated but never duplicated, Al and Larry Ubell (Father & Son team) are the people who have inspired thousands of hesitant do-it-yourselfers to take things into their own hands.

This father and son team is also the energy, inspiration, and expertise behind Accurate Building Inspectors®, one of the most prestigious professional home and building inspection firms in the state of New York.

Their energy and their personalities, combined with their keen sense of humor have transformed thousands from victims of “The Repair People” to confident and capable home improvement taskmasters.

“America Go Forth & Fix … Save Energy & Do It Safely!”

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