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Client Testimonials
Accurate Building Inspectors®

From the Letterbox

Read what our clients have to say about Accurate Building Inspectors®. WYNC listeners are invited to submit comments and questions on our show page.

Letters and Comments

I. Home Inspection
II. Legal Support
III. Gurus of How-To (WNYC & WBAI-FM Radio)

I. Home Inspection


To Whom it May Concern:

I just wanted to express my sincere thanks for the excellent service I received from Accurate Building Inspectors, most notably Matthew Barnett and Joann Spivey.

As a seller, I was taking the unorthodox approach of having an inspection report available to prospective buyers BEFORE offering a bid on my apartment in Fort Greene. I was having my open house on Saturday and needed to make sure the reports were available as well.

I called Joann on Monday and she quickly arranged for a Wednesday visit. Matthew was extremely forthcoming and helpful. His explanations surrounding certain conditions in the apartment were invaluable and certainly informed my future discussions with potential buyers.

Moreover, Joann worked tirelessly to ensure that the report was typed, proofed, verified and sent via PDF before close of business on Friday. In short, I was duly impressed with the service of these two individuals and I certainly will not hesitate to recommend this company in the future.

Thanks again,
Matt O'Brien
Co-op Owner
Fort Greene, Brooklyn


Just a quick note to say thank you for your superior work on our apartment inspection (and for your generosity regarding follow-up questions!).

We closed on Sept. 19 & move in soon! Thanks again. We will refer any friends needing inspections to you.

Brooklyn, NY

Dear Matthew,

We just wanted to thank you for all your help with our new home - we really trust and value your opinions and recommendations, and have referred many of our friends & family to you. Wishing you all the best.

Jennifer and Heuy-Min
Brooklyn, NY

Dear Matt,

I am writing to thank you for the time you spent with me on the phone today-educating me and answering my questions about the building inspection process. In particular, I am grateful to you for providing me information that was realistic and thorough in order to address my concerns as a condo buyer about roof work that appears substandard. Knowing that we can get copies of blueprints. from the building dept. of NYC is most helpful.

Please know that the time and education you gave me leaves me with a very high opinion of you and Accurate.

Sincerely, Ben
Brooklyn, NY

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II. Legal Support


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Dear Alvin-

  Transmitted herewith is a copy of Justice Walker's decision denying the motion to set aside in the Ira Adler verdict interposed by the Bank of America.

  I wish to thank you again for giving such convincing testimony at trial, which testimony proved to be instrumental in this case.

  Very best regards to you and to the Accurate Building Inspectors Team.

Gregory Danenberg
The Law Offices of Gregory Danenberg
New York, New York

Dear Mr. Ubell:

I want to thank you for the courteous and professional service you provided to out client with regard to the case involving a defective window guard installation.

Your on-site inspection and research of the health codes regarding specifications for window guards installations was first rate. The purchase of the double-hung window and permanent mounting of a window guard and stops, using a jig, was on of the most impressive exhibits I have ever seen.

Your clear and concise explanations to the jury were such that a substantial settlement was achieved shortly thereafter.

It was a pleasure working with you in this matter.

Alan M. Shapey
Harry H. Lipsig & Partners, P.C.
New York City, NY

Dear Al:

As you know we recently settled the above-referenced matters just prior to trial. Your help in preparing these cases, from inception to trial, was invaluable and I therefore felt compelled to thank you personally.

Both of these cases were extremely challenging in that they dealt with premises and circumstances rarely confronted by me. Your incredibly varied professional background allowed you to inspect a cast iron storm drain in Piscopo, and the crawl space of a drop ceiling in Ribadeneyra. with the trained eye of one who understands the construction and design of two such disparate and completely different locations. Your creativity and research helped me to understand the issues involved in the collapse of the sidewalk in the Piscopo case in a way that I am certain few other individuals in New York City could have done. This made it possible to determine the true cause of the failure of the storm drain and sidewalk, discover the documents that were available to prove that the City had failed to remedy the defect, and thus win the case.

Your broad knowledge of construction practices gave you insight into the careless and hazardous construction of the Ribadeneyra premises such that I was able to establish fault on the part of a variety of contractors and individuals through specific inquiry. I am sure that without your assistance and advice I would have had no way of knowing of the variety of documents and records that turned out to be available to me through discovery and which documented the liability on the part of the defendants beyond a shadow of a doubt.

As a result of your help, each of these cases was settled in a very satisfactory manner. On behalf of the Plaintiffs and on behalf of myself personally, I would like to sincerely thank you for all of your help.

I also want to especially thank you for being so available to me and accepting my many phone calls when I am in need of advice and consultation.

I look forward to the next impossible case that cannot be solved by anybody but you.

Michael S. Bender
Argyropoulos & Bender
Astoria - Queens, NY

Dear Mr. Ubell:

Thank you for your recent assistance in the prosecution of the Torres v. HLH Realty matter which was on trial in Brooklyn Supreme Court.

Although the case settled before completion we did have the opportunity to speak with three of the jurors. They were very impressed with your testimony and advised us that, had this case gone to verdict, your appearance would have been the key reason for their endorsement of the plaintiff's position. Even the judge's court personnel remarked about your knowledge of stairway construction and design.

Thanks again for your help and wisdom!

Martin Grossman, Esq.
Cardali & Cardali, P.C.
New York City, NY

Dear Mr. Ubell:

I am writing this long overdue letter to thank you for the numerous services that you and your firm have provided on behalf of this office's clientele. The comprehensive nature of your on-site inspections, your wonderful working knowledge of statutes, codes, rules and regulations, as well as your down-to-earth, practical and logical approach to dissecting and analyzing the problems presented to you makes our relationship with you invaluable. There have been many situations over the years that you have provided us with information that made the borderline case into the perfect case. For this we cannot say thank you enough!

To anyone who needs the services of a building inspector, you do not have to look any further than Accurate Building Inspectors.

Steven C. Falkoff
Rosenberg, Minc & Armstrong
New York City, NY

To Whom It May Concern:

Al Ubell of Accurate Building Inspectors and has been the Chief Building Inspector and Construction Advisor on several of our cases. His thorough expert reports and extensive knowledge and understanding in the fields involved in our accident cases have significantly enhanced not only the settlement but the verdicts in our tort cases.

I would recommend his offices without reservation.

Ronald A. Samanowitz
Samanowitz & Endzweig
Great Neck, NY

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Gurus of How-To

WNYC & WBAI Radio Listener Comments


I love your monthly appearances on WNYC and always learn something!

The Energy Quotient document I downloaded from your website has been wonderful in helping our family reduce our energy usage. We are looking into installing solar PV and thermal systems and hope to reduce our usage to levels that we can use 100% renewable energy produced on our roof!

We have dimmers in many of our bedrooms and all of the Compact Fluorescent bulbs.

Thank you!!

Sarah P. Schlechter
Weston, CT

Dear Larry,

First of all, I'd feel funny calling you Mr. Ubell after listening to you and your Dad on the radio for so long … I am the woman who called you a few days ago about the odor (rat) in the laundry room (after calling you in the Spring about the basement mold problem). I guess I feel like I know you so I just reached for the phone. Both times you were friendly, open, and full of advice. I want you to know how much I appreciate your approachability not to mention your willingness to share your expertise.

It is especially heartening in this day and age to have been able to get you on the phone without a hassle and have you so willing to be of assistance. I thank you for your generosity of spirit. Perhaps one day, I can take you to lunch to repay your kindness.

Best Regards,
Gale Wallach

Gale Wallach
LLoyd Harbor, NY

Trevor Curran's Blog Review
The “How-To Gurus” Larry and Al Ubell

I have been a faithful listener of Leonard Lopate's radio show on WNYC FM for many years. Since I'm often driving around making sales calls in the middle of the day, I have the luxury of tuning in to Leonard's show while tooling around Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island.

One of the regular features on Leonard's show is a visit by the Gurus of How-To, Lawrence and Alvin Ubell. Their most recent appearance was November 9th.

I highly recommend tuning in to the show (and maybe even posing a question for the Gurus!) either via radio or on the 'net. Larry and Al present often complicated issues about home inspections, [repairs], environmental testing topics, and even chats about ugly or not-ugly newfangled fluorescent bulbs. They always have great answers for the listeners who call in. If you miss the show, you can always find it in the WNYC Archives.

Read the rest of Trevor Curran's article:

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