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Licensed: New York (NY) & New Jersey (NJ)

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1860 Bath Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11214-4616

ABI News

Event // November 5th, 2009
Accurate Building Inspectors®

Sixth Annual Law Practice Management Symposium on November 5, 2008

Released: 10-27-09

Are you a small firm practitioner interested in the growth of your practice? Join Accurate Building Inspectors® during the 6th Annual Law Practice Management Symposium. Help your small firm thrive in uncertain times!

Hosting the Sixth Annual law Practice Management Symposium.

When: Thursday, November 5th, 2009
Where: New York City Bar Association, 42 West 44th St., New York, NY 10036-6689
Schedule: 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Contact: Lawrence or Alvin Ubell 1-800-640-8285

New York City Bar Association Calendar of Events:
ABI Booth: We will provide catalogs and literature to help legal practitioners render quality and reliable real estate inspection services for their clients who are in the process of purchasing real property.

During the symposium, ABI will provide free subscriptions to the “Gotham City Inspector”. The GCI newsletter (published quarterly with a controlled circulation of 15,500), offers professional insight written by industry experts into the workings of buildings and homes. Articles focus on construction safety, sustainable design and aesthetics (preservation) regarding potential real estate purchases.

ABI Online Legal Support:

Established in 1961 (48 years ago!), ABI provides comprehensive home and building inspection reports for home owners and the legal support industry.

ABI inspectors have the expertise to help you understand the implementation of current construction and safety standards. ABI inspections include but not limited to: heating, air-conditioning, ventilation, plumbing, drainage, electrical, mechanical, pumps, roof, foundation, exterior facade, public spaces, basement, cellar, vermin, landscaping, topography, bulkheads, … visit our website: to learn more. ABI serves approximately 3,500 lawyers, 1,500 architects and engineers. In the past 20 years ABI has provided incident investigation and expert testimony on matters of construction and safety, specializing on trip/slip and falls on stairs and ramps, hot water scalding, construction failures, non-compliance, craftsmanship, architectural merchandising incidents, window and door failure accidents.

Please visit the Accurate Building Inspectors booth. We will be happy to discuss specific issues relating to your needs and challenges - or drop by just to say hello.

Accurate Building Inspectors®
Lawrence Ubell, Chief Inspector
tel: 718.265.8191
Licensed: New York and New Jersey

Accurate Building Inspectors® 1860 Bath Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11214-4616
Tel 718-265-8191 :: Toll-Free 1-800-640-8285 :: Fax 718-449-7190