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Press Release April. 14, 2009
Accurate Building Inspectors®

AIA Event

Alvin Ubell and Lawrence Ubell discuss expert testimony in a court trial, deposition or hearing.

Released: 04-14-09

Topic: Expert Testimony
In A Court Trial, Deposition Or Hearing.

Speakers: Alvin Ubell & Lawrence Ubell

American Institute of Architects (AIA) Brooklyn Chapter

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Dinner Meeting & Program
For AIA Members Only & by Invitation Only!
Wednesday, April 15th, 2009
6:00 pm
US Army Garrison - Fort Hamilton
(Fort Hamilton Army Base Reservation)
Officers Club (Building 207)

* * * * MEMBERS ONLY * * * MEMBERS ONLY * * * *
* * This Press Release Is Not An Invitation * *
* * * * * * BROOKLYN AIA MEMBERS ONLY * * * * *

Program: Who Could, Who Should & Who Should Not Be An Expert! The court system is in need of experts!

In this talk, Alvin Ubell offers an experts perspective on how to help those that have been injured physically, mentally, morally, monetarily and constitutionally as the expert for the plaintiffs or for a defendant who may have been accused.

Presenter: Alvin Ubell - He is not a Lawyer, Architect or Engineer he is a Home & Building Inspector, of Accurate Building Inspectors ® Established in 1961. Alvin has been in the construction industry for over 60 years. Provided expertise for nearly 25 years and has testified in more than 100 cases.

- The Household Hints & Safety Reporter for ABC's Good Morning America.
- The Household Hints & Safety Editor for Family Circle for over 20 years.
- The Guru of How-to on WNYC Radio for over 25 years.
- Author of two well received books Published by the New York Times,
- Encyclopedia Britannica, New American Liberty, Warner Books, etc…
- An Associate Member of the Brooklyn Chapter or the AIA.

Sample dockets, verdict and settlements.

Licensure: New Jersey.

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