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Fix A Water Pipe Leak
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Plumbing: Water Pipe Leak
By Al Ubell & Label Shulman

From article, “New, Easiest Home-Repair Guide Ever”
Published September 1, 1981 - Family Circle Magazine

Image: Water Pipe Leak

Into everyone's life some rain must fall, so the poets say. But when the water comes from a pinhole leak in a water pipe, it's hard to look on the bright side. Although a leaky pipe may create a mess, repairing it is one of the easiest of plumbing jobs for the beginner: Why call a plumber, who may charge you $50? You can fix it yourself for pennies!

“Utensils” (Tools):

Photo: Taping Water Pipe by Chaz Ubell Photo: Repairing Leak by Chaz Ubell

“Ingredients” (Materials):
A few round wooden toothpicks, epoxy glue, strips of cloth, 1″ wide, or gauze bandage


  1. It's not always necessary to turn off the main water supply to make this repair. Simply locate the pinhole leak and insert the point of a wooden toothpick into the hole, as far as it will go, and leave in place. (In some instances, two or three toothpicks bunched together may be required.) The wood of the toothpicks will swell, and the leak should stop.
  2. Once the leak has stopped, dry the outside of the pipe surrounding the leak.
  3. Break off the excess toothpick(s).
  4. Mix equal parts of epoxy glue (catalyst and resin), following the instructions on the package. Apply the epoxy around the pipe with an extra dab at the leak point.
  5. Take the gauze or cloth strip and wrap it around the pipe like a bandage. Generously apply more epoxy glue around the “bandage.” When the glue dries, your leaky pipe will be permanently fixed.
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